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Tune in for the latest message in the Holy Spirit series.

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Tune in for part one of Pastor Matthews new series on the Holy Spirit!

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Tune in for a special Mothers Day message from our very own Pastor Abby Pollock!

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In todays message, Pastor Matthew Pollock breaks down what it means to have a WHOLE Heart. 

"We will never reach our full promised destination in God, WITHOUT the proper inward condition of WHOLENESS."

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A special message by Pastor Matthew from our Easter service at Hawk Ranch.

"Jesus is ALIVE, ---  He is RISEN and our REDEEMER lives forevermore"

Tune in as Pastor breaks down how Jesus paid the ultimate price for us ALL.

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Tune in as Pastor Matthew Pollock breaks down "The Circumcision of Christ". As revealed in today's message, we have been renewed through the circumcision of Christ, not performed by hands but by the removal of sin that took place when Christ died for us.

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Join us in this episode where our very own worship expert, Talon Pollock, breaks down what it means to be made for worship. 

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"Make every effort to add to your faith"

Pastor Matthew Pollock speaks on the importance of diligence on our walk with God!


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What are the qualities that make us distinctly His? Tune in to Pastor Matthews latest message to find out!

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How does one keep their spirit pure? Tune in for Pastor Matthews most recent message to discover how!

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Tune in for a powerful message from Pastor Matthew Pollock, on fleeing from sexual immorality and the effects of it in our lives!

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Thank you for tuning in for part four of Pastor Matthew Pollocks series, "The Distinction".

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Tune in for a special message from our guest speaker Tommy Hunter!

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Part Two of Pastor Matthews series, "The Distinction".

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Part 1 of Pastor Matthew Pollocks series, "The Distinction". 

'An Exploration of Righteousness'

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