In todays message Pastor Matthew teaches on delves Acts chapter 2, discussing Peter's powerful message about repentance, baptism, and receiving the Holy Spirit. Despite Peter's past failures, he is now instrumental in building the church. The focus is on the beauty found in God's perspective, emphasizing the importance of valuing and cherishing spiritual truths. The episode challenges listeners to receive the word gladly and be saved from the ways of a perverse generation. Welcome to "The Place Called Beautiful."

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Happy Mothers Day! Tune in for a powerful message from our very own, Pastor Abby!

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In part four of "These Fierce Days", Pastor Matthew teaches on the importance of healthy relationships and the significance of coming together as a community. Drawing from biblical references and personal insights, the episode emphasizes the impact of unity, mutual support, and faith in navigating through challenging times. He highlights the role of the church as a place of strength, protection, and growth, urging listeners to prioritize their walk with God and active participation in the community of believers. Tune in to gain valuable insights on the transformative power of relationships and the blessings that come from being part of a supportive and united family of faith.


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Tune in for an inspiring and powerful podcast episode with Pastor Matthew teaching on the importance of faith, hope, and belief in the Word of God. In this episode, we explore the key role of actively participating in our faith journey and partnering with the promises of God. Discover how being filled with the Holy Spirit and abounding in hope can transform your life and empower you to overcome challenges. Learn how the Word of God, when mixed with faith and action, can lead to a life filled with joy, peace, and unwavering hope. 

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